Population and Consumption

Population and Consumption 

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is there no end to the resources ?

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Unsustainable growth - somethings got to give 

take global responsibility
take global responsibility

Before you eat, make sure you understand what’s at stake.

Even if you get lucky and avoid diabetes, blood vessel diseases and cancer, what you eat can still destabilize your local environment, lead to global starvation and it might eventually suffocate you.

Which of these will hit you first, depends on a lot of factors, but rest assure that it will happen before the end of this century.

Unless we do something about it - today!

Some of the consequences are given by nature, and is not to be influenced by the ingenuity of humans to come up with solutions and inventions - because it’s simply unavoidable. Weather systems, ecosystem stability and the atmospheric balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. These mechanisms are extremely complex and intertwined on a global scale. At the same time, they are both easy to mess up, and impossible to control if tilted off balance. And the impacts of that are unpredictable, but most likely devastating for all parts of the society, globally.  

And what you eat, has impact on these conditions, even through you didn’t intend that to happen.

The only way to prevent this is, if you, me, our friends and neighbors, and all our fellow beings around the globe start changing our mindset, change attitude and change behavior.

You can chose to close your eyes and pretend this is not happening, and argue that the Titanic Earth will alway endure and prevail.

And from an egoistic point of view, if you are old, you might argue that it’s not gonna happen in your lifetime, so you don’t care.

But if you have kids or relatives, or simply have a heart and a conscience, you understand that we, as humans, simply cannot allow self destruction to become the destiny of the civilization. We should be too good to let that happen.

The good news - is that you can benefit both your health and your future by simply start acting differently. But you have to do it wisely, and to do that, you must take it upon yourself to understand a bit about the ins and out, the facts and the fake statements.

Seek knowledge and input from unbiased sources.  Shun news channels and propaganda that deliberately manipulates you. Vote for politicians that represents values such as ecology and sustainability, and appears to have the guts to put their hand where their mouth is.

Unfortunately, the history shows that Politicians are not to be trusted. Politics and large corporations agendas tend to go hand in hand.

At the end of the day, your strongest weapon is your feet. Money makes the world go round, and your shopping, spendings, investments, contributions and selection of services determines the make it or brake it for global enterprises. Your money is like a driving wheel. You have influence in where we are going from here.

Spend them wisely. 

New habits, new habitats

let science and facts drive your decisions

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let science and facts drive your decisions

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