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DON'T GET LOST: The devil is in the details

Green is not always the color of good, and nature itself can be cruel, even if it is not apparent just by looking from the outside. And health is more than jogging and calories.

Your body is your temple and your mind is strong. That’s all good and well.

But then you better make sure that you are not contaminating your body unknowingly, or that someone or something is not messing with your mind, and thereby leads you to take unhealthy decisions. 

The articles below, are here to tell you, that it’s not up to you to decide the result of your deeds. Or maybe it is. But it depends on your choices and your behavior.


Your body is a fantastic creation, and it is amazing what it will endure. Because of your body’s selfhealing power, it has enormous resilience, when it comes to withstanding malnourishment and attacks. But even through the force of the mind is strong, there are some fundamental processes in your body that has to be in perfect chemical and physiological balance, in order to do their job correctly. When you allow or accept imbalances to be the menu du jour, you are inviting potential problems, and the result can be devastating.

Malnutrition, artificial ingredients and even nature’s own food chamber presents a lot of seemingly healthy choices that can lead you astray, and in worst case sidetrack your internal balance and in many cases potentially dead ends. Even salt - though intake of this is critical to your well-being - becomes dangerous to the body if congested in too large amounts or too high concentrations.

Bad choices when it comes to food, beverages, makeup, implants and the like can mess with your body and mind. You HAVE TO pay attention to the list of ingredients and you HAVE TO understand your body's needs and what it cannot withstand.

Lungs, cell metabolism, muscle function, nervous-system, hormone-levels , enzymes, skin, blod vessels and other types of tissues, regeneration mechanisms, immune system, continuous production of blod- and bone cells, DNA decoding, intestines, organs, the list goes on and on and on.

The human mind and body is the finest of natures creatures. It is capable of doing great things, but it is also sacred, and should be treated as such.

Health, prosperity and well-being is not given. We have to earn it.

Take care. For yourself and for the rest of us.



You are what you eat

You become what you eat. You can eat too little, too much, too selective, too few of the right things, stuff that is bad for you etc. But you cannot eat too healthy. The trouble with this is, that it is really not that easy to know what is health to eat. To do this, you have to pay interest in both the needs of you body, and the constituents of the food and beverages you consume.

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