Eating and Drinking

Eating and Drinking 

Especially when you open your mouth

Eating and drinking is an essential part of being alive. On top of that, we typically associate many pleasures, feasts and occasions with intake of food and beverages, enjoyed while being together with family, friends and kindred spirits.  When you eat, you get a feeling of being satisfied and happy, which partly is due to psychological aspects, and partly due to physiological mechanisms inside your body. But when you eat, you are also - unconsciously - making decisions on behalf of you body and your future health.  

Each time you open your mouth, you should consider what the fork, or the glass, is serving you. You should consider whether it is good or bad for you, whether you have had enough already, and whether you are doing it because your body craves it, or simply because you just can't say no.

Even healthy food is not healthy if you digest too much of it. And food that in general is considered healthy, might in reality contain unhealthy or even poisonous elements that should be avoided completely. 

If you want to stay healthy, you must have some knowledge about your body, some knowledge about the constituents of food, and an understanding about how the two parts react in combination.



The human body is somewhat like a finetuned mechanism. But it is also dependent on refill of nutritients and fluids to stay in shape, and to support the daily activities, obstacles and bruises. Even when you are asleep, there is a whole lot of things going on in your body, because all parts of your organism must be maintained and lifesupported, continuously, to be able to function as designed, and keep you healthy and alive.

Unfortunately, your eyes and mouth are not able to tell you whether the food you are about to eat, is necessary, or even good for you. The only way you can become more selective and critical, when it comes to choosing the best nourishment sources, is by starting to pay interest in where your food comes from, and what it contains. Even when it comes to the good stuff, it still have to balanced the right way. And then of course there is all the other stuff that also might be in the food you eat, and that you really should avoid completely.

One would expect that everything that originates from natures own food chamber, is what is best for us. The truth is that this is in general not the case.  Even if the food is grown and havested through ecological farming practices, it still might contain unhealthy nutritients, or compounds that should only be eaten in very tiny amounts. And if you then add the effects of production methods and environmental changes inflicted by man during the last century, then you'll start to understand that not all that glitters is gold. 

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