Be skeptical and curious

Be Skeptical and Curious

BS coming in from left and right

Drink more, eat less, exercise more, sleep less, avoid meat, green is always good.

Recommendations, announcements, beliefs, opinions, religion, personal experiences, courses and education - even legislation and regulations cannot be taken for more than well-meant guidance,  when it comes to deciding what is best for your health.

All of it should be digested with a grain of salt. 

And what is more, we are all different, though still the same. No two persons are the alike. General condition, sex, age, weight, chronic diseases, allergies, dispositions and genes - it all add up, to make each of us unique.

There are scientific facts, and then there is everything else.

The facts will tell you about the importance of proteins, and that not all proteins are equally beneficial to you. And if you investigate further, you will learn about amino acids, and that some of these amino acids are essential to you. And from there on, you start paying more attention to the protein sources of your food ingredients - and understand that it is not only a matter of how much protein it contains, but also what type of protein, i.e. what amino acids it consists of.

You should spend some time, getting to know the facts.

Basic knowledge about your body's anatomy and physiology, will be a great place to start. This will teach you about one of the most advanced and sophisticated organism that has ever lived on earth. Your body is a result of almost 4 billion years of evolution, optimization and fine-tuning. Every cell plays its limited, and highly specialized part, even though it has no understanding on the greater being. And every organ has exactly the size, position and function needed to perfectly orchestrate the collaboration of all of its part, which enables you to dance and sing, fall in love, have babies, navigate through the rush hour traffic and win olympic gold medals.   

But like every other architectural masterpiece, the body is no more well-functioning and perfect, than the building blocks provided to it. And the building blocks has to match the needs, and be balanced the right way. And depletion of key elements, or poisoning of any kind, will undermine the subtle mechanisms, and without the required restitution, will lead to degeneration and demise.

You should always be skeptical about information that comes your way. Sometimes it is actually new knowledge and documented insight. But sometimes, and unfortunately more often than not, it's simply nonsense.

An open mind, combined with a curiosity about why and how it all fits together, will be your best weapon in the fight against fake news, and the search for the truth. 

Who told you so - and how do they know

take global responsibility

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Seek the truth

let science and facts drive your decisions

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let science and facts drive your decisions

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